User Agreement

User Agreement


DBSize is an Application licensed to Dressbest, for obtaining by electronic means the body sizes, within the scope of uniform/corporate working clothes production and supply service offered by Dressbest to its Customers. This Agreement is executed by and between Dressbest operating at the address Merkez Mah. Kazım Orbay Cad. No.55 Floors 2-3-4 and penthouse, Şişli, Istanbul, and the Users who access the Application or benefit the Service offered on the Application, and sets forth the terms of utilization by the Users, of the Service offered by DBSize.

User hereby agrees and represents, by subscribing or accessing to the Application, that he/she has read all the terms and conditions, and fully acknowledged the content, and electronically approved all the provisions, of this Agreement, regardless of whether he/she benefits the Services or not. This Agreement sets forth the matters not mentioned in other texts prepared for usage of the Application by the Users, particularly the terms and conditions required to be complied with while provision of the Services, or while using the Application even if the Services are not provided. Privacy Policy and Personal Data Text is integral parts of this Agreement.

In this Agreement, User and Dressbest shall be individually referred to as a “Party” and collectively as “Parties”.


In this Agreement;

  • Body Size: refers to the body measurements of real persons, required for production and supply of uniform/corporate clothing within the scope of the Project, such as waist circumference, height, weight, shoulder width, arm and leg length,

  • Dressbest: refers to Atölye Kostüm Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi,

  • Privacy Policy and Personal Data Text: refers to the text that is provided in the Application, detailing the privacy policies and the processes related to Users’ personal data, which is approved by the Users

  • Service(s): refers to one or more, or all of the services stated in this Agreement and the Application, particularly the Body Size,

  • Internet Site: refers to the internet site owned by Dressbest, operated under the domain or any other domain by Dressbest,

  • User(s): refers to any one, both, or all of the Customers or Visitors who access the Application or benefit the Services,

  • Customer(s): refers to the real and/or legal person receiving uniform/corporate working clothes production and supply service from Dressbest,

  • Project: refers to the entire work covering uniform/corporate working clothes supply service by Dressbest to the Customer, under the business relationship between Dressbest and the Customer,

  • Agreement: refers to this User Agreement,

  • Application: refers to DBSize mobile application providing the Services under the Project, which is installed by Customers on their mobile phones via virtual stores,

  • Authorized Person: refers to the person who is authorized by the Customer to use the Application as User,

  • Visitor: refers to a person who uses the Application without enrolling.


2.1. This Agreement sets forth the terms of use of the Application, the conditions for benefiting the Services offered on the Application, and the Parties’ rights and obligations.

2.2. This Agreement is between the Parties only, and covers the terms and conditions of the Services on the Application. Other texts executed between the Customers, and terms and conditions on other matters related to orders, delivery of orders, prices and payment of prices are out of scope of this Agreement.


Users start to use the Application by downloading on their device from virtual stores. Users shall have limited right to use the Application under the conditions set forth in this Agreement and annexes hereto, and within legal limitations.

3.2. The User agrees, represents and undertakes that, while logging on the Application, or benefiting the Services offered on the Application, and performing any activity related to the Services on the Application, he/she shall act in accordance with all conditions set forth in this Agreement and other agreements executed or to be executed with Dressbest, and the rules stated in relevant parts of the Application, and all applicable legislation, particularly the Law on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by means of Such Publications, Electronic Communications Law, Turkish Criminal Code, Personal Data Protection Law, Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, and shall not engage in any illegal activity. The User agrees, represents and undertakes, by visiting or using or enrolling in the Application, that he/she has read and acknowledged and consented with all terms and conditions related to usage of the Application.

3.3. The Services offered by DBSize via the Application consists of taking the Customer’s Body Size using the Application. DBSize shall only perform the Services under this Agreement, and is neither responsible for, nor guarantees nor undertakes any other work or activity related to any other agreement, contract or relationship underlying the Services or the Project.

3.4. To benefit the Services, the User is required to enter the requested information and complete the sign-in procedure of the Application. The e-mail address and password required for the User to log on to the Application shall be provided by­ Dressbest to the Customer. After logging on the Application, full, correct and accurate entry of other information requested from the User shall be under the User’s responsibility.

3.5. The Customer will take the Body Size of its employees or other persons covered by the Project, on the Application via its designated Authorized Person. Dressbest shall allocate a verified e-mail address and password to the Customer, and inform the Customer on such allocation. Authorized Person log on to the Application using the e-mail address allocated under the terms of this Agreement and the password, and then take the Body Size according to the instructions given in the Application.

3.6. Security and storage, and protecting against disclosure to and usage by third persons, of the system access tools (user name, password etc.) used by the Users taking the Body Size, utilizing the services provided by the Application, within the scope of the Project, shall be fully under the User’s responsibility. Any and all transactions performed with the User’s user name and password shall be deemed performed by the User himself/herself. Dressbest shall not be under any responsibility for any damage that is or may be incurred by the Users and/or third persons in connection with any fault of the User in relation with security, storage and usage, of Application access tools, and protection of such Application access tools against access by third persons


The User agrees, represents and undertakes that he/she has legal right on any Body Size data, information or content that is used or shared, and is legally authorized to exercise and dispose the right, and the usage thereof does not violate any copyright, personal data protection legislation or relevant legislation, and does not damage any person or entity.

4.2. DBSize shall be under no liability inquire the accuracy of any information conveyed to it by the User or uploaded on the Application by the User. Consequently, the User who provides, changes or conveys the information shall be responsible, even if he/she has no fault for the loss caused/to be caused by inaccuracy or illegality of such information.

4.3. The User undertakes to comply with the rules and instructions related to the Application and to answer the control and confirmation questions in the Application according to such instructions, correctly and truthfully. Full compliance with the rules and instructions and accurately answering the questions is a condition precedent of properly taking the Body Size.

4.4. The User undertakes to take all measures to ensure that his/her content provided on the Application does not contain any malicious program, virus, software, unlicensed product, Trojan horse etc.

Dressbest does not undertake that DBSize will yield perfect, complete, real and accurate measurement, and the Application may involve a reasonable margin of error in provision of the Services.

Upon occurrence of the conditions and events in relation with the Application, DBSize shall not be under any responsibility and/or indemnification obligation:
  • User’s failure to timely and/or correctly update the Application as necessary,

  • Usage of the Application by the User for an illegal purpose,

  • Any performance loss, deficiency, error, interruption, internet data package usage, computer virus, line and/or system failure that may occur during or after usage of the Application,

  • Change/turning-off of the notifications/notification settings by the User, which must be turned on during installation of the Application and/or usage of the Internet Site, or disabling the Application, or incorrectly installing the Application,

  • Interruption in the communication between the Application and the User due to technical problems such as error, negligence, interruption, deletion, corruption, transmission delay or communication network failure, for any reason (infrastructural and/or hardware reasons etc.) not caused by Dressbest.
4.7. Dressbest may unilaterally offer new Services on the Application, or suspend or fully or partially change the Services, or re-introduce the free Services as paid Service, without prior notice.

4.8. No right or claim related to the Services may be exercised by persons under the age of 18. Consequently, if the User is a real person, the User agrees and undertakes that he/she is above the against of 18, by approving the Agreement. If the User is below the age of 18, it shall be assumed that approval/permission is taken from the guardian or conservator for approval of this Agreement. If the User is a legal person, then by approval of this Agreement, the User agrees and undertakes that the User is validly incorporated and existing in its jurisdiction, and that it has all powers and authorizations including execution of this Agreement, and has duly authorized its representative executing the Agreement for execution of the Agreement. Dressbest shall not be under any liability to inquire the representative authority of the real person executing this Agreement in the name of relevant legal entity.

The User may neither transfer this Agreement or his/her rights and obligations hereunder or under other agreements executed with Dressbest, fully or partially to any third person, nor make available his/her membership to any other persons, without Dressbest’s written consent.

The User agrees and represents that the address added by him/her while signing up for the Application is his/her notification address in accordance with the Notification Law. Unless any address change is notified by the User to Dressbest within 3 (three) business days, any notification sent by Dressbest to the last known address shall be deemed legally valid.


5.1. Dressbest agrees to fulfil its liabilities arising from the , legislation including the Personal Data Protection Law, and from the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Text, in relation with the confidential information and personal data provided to it by the User on the Application in order to utilize the Services offered on the Application. The User shall be required to continuously monitor the updates of the Application and the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Text on the Application. In this context, Users’ information may be processes within the scope and limits set forth in the relevant texts, particularly the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Text.

5.2. The User agrees and undertakes that, pursuant to mandatory provisions of the applicable legislation, Dressbest may disclose Users’ confidential/private/business information to official authorities upon due request by such authorities, under the conditions where it is required to disclose to official authorities pursuant to the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Text as posted on the Application, and the Personal Data Protection Law, and that no claim may be asserted against Dressbest for such reason in any manner whatsoever.


6.1. DBSize hereby grants the Users an end-user right, limited to offering of the Services, non-exclusive, non-transferable and (unless otherwise agreed) non-sub-licensable, worldwide valid during the Agreement term, limited to end-user authorizations, for the user and program interfaces and software of the Application.

6.2. The User agrees and undertakes that he/she is aware that Dressbest is the owner of all intellectual and industrial property right related to the Application, and that he/she shall expressly inform its employees/representatives/consultants on this matter, shall expressly mention this matter in his/her relationship with third persons in any case. No provision of this Agreement may be construed as transfer of Dressbest’s intellectual property rights on the Application or associated information and documents or any other right connected thereto, to the User.

6.3. The User may not use the Application for other business activities, other than the cases and purposes stated in this Agreement and other texts executed by and between the Parties or for any other purpose. The User may neither remove or change any mark, logo or notification on the Application showing that the Application is the property of Dressbest, nor add Dressbest’s logo, name, trade name, trademark on any product, or perform any business activity/action subject to intellectual or industrial property rights, without written approval of Dressbest.

6.4. The User may neither engage in, nor allow third parties to engage in, any activity not provided for in this Agreement, such as distributing, duplicating, copying, processing, lending the Application or providing subscription service over the Application.

6.5. The User may neither engage in, nor allow third parties to engage in any act or activity constituting violation of the Application and/or the intellectual or industrial property rights on the Application, in any manner, such as accessing the source codes of the Application, or copying, reverse engineering, or reaching the prior versions of the Application from the final version. 


7.1. This Agreement shall enter into force at the time the User accesses the Application or utilizes the Services; and shall terminate upon permanent blockage of the User’s access to the Application or successful completion of taking necessary Body Size related to the Project, and successful completion of such process with regard to each person involved in the Project. However, Parties shall be obliged to mutually fulfil their rights and obligations accrued until the termination date of the Agreement.

7.2. Each User accessing the Application or benefiting the Services shall be bound by the provisions of this Agreement during their access to the Application or benefiting the Services.

7.3 Dressbest may unilaterally terminate this Agreement without compensation and without notice, if the User violates this Agreement or the rules and agreements related to different Services offered on the Application, and particularly in the following cases:

  • any act of the User to manipulate the operation of the Application using any method,
  • violation of this Agreement and/or other service agreements by the User,
  • User’s acts violating the rights of third parties,
  • any information, content, visuals or letters disclosed by the User on the Application or with Dressbest, or the User’s purpose of using the Application having illegal elements, or sharing the information, content, visuals and letters on the Application for illegal and immoral purposes, even though they do not contain illegal and immoral elements.

7.4. Dressbest may suspend this Agreement and/or the Services at any time and without notice, independent from the User’s violating acts, ve terminate without obligation to pay indemnity, and effective forthwith, and restrict or suspend the User from visiting the Application, or utilizing the Application and the Services. Dressbest may temporarily suspend or fully cease the operation of the Application at any time, and without reason. Dressbest shall not be under any responsibility for temporary suspension or complete cessation of the Application or for deletion or not recording of the content of Application.


8.1. Dressbest may, unilaterally and fully on its own discretion, amend this Agreement at any time by posting on the Application, effective from the time of posting on the Application. Dressbest shall make the notifications to the User as required under this Agreement, using methods such as sending mails to the User’s e-mail addresses notified to Dressbest, or posting on the relevant parts of the Application available to the User. The User shall be required to monitor the amendments and updates announced on the Application. Provisions of this Agreement which are not amended shall remain fully in effect, and continue to result in all applicable consequences.

8.2. Events beyond the control of the parties, which are not foreseen at the time of execution of the Agreement by the parties, and fully or partially preventing the obligations arising from this Agreement, such as natural disasters, war, civil war, mobilisation, fire, explosion, rebellion, terror, cyber-attack, long term and broad power outage, or issuance of orders or amendments in the legislation that prevent access to the internet site(s) where advertisement(s) are to be published, or the IP addresses and ad server systems where such sites are connected to, preventing the publication of advertisement(s), shall be considered force majeure. In any case listed in this provision and any case legally considered force majeure despite not being listed herein, Dressbest shall not be held responsible for late fulfilment or non-fulfilment of any of its obligations under this Agreement. In case of force majeure; no delay, incomplete performance or failure shall be considered default, and no claim may be asserted by the User from Dressbest in such cases in any manner.

8.2. This Agreement shall be governed by Turkish law. Any dispute that arises / may arise from this Agreement shall be resolved by Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices.

8.3. Stamp duty, charges, taxes and other expenses that may arise from the Agreement shall be borne by the User.

8.4. This Agreement contains entire agreement on access to the Application and usage of the services, and supersedes all prior written or verbal agreements and undertakings.


Dressbest may contact the User, via the contact details disclosed by the User including cell phone number or electronic mail address, for any purpose including offering of campaigns, advantages, promotions, publicity, advertisements, surveys, research and other customer satisfaction practices conducted by Dressbest, or providing information about the foregoing. The User hereby allows being contacted in this context. If the User does not want to be contacted for such purposes, he/she must contact Dressbest. The User may exercise its free right to refuse receiving commercial electronic messages, by contacting Dressbest via Dressbest’s e-mail address at any time. Exercise of the right to refuse does not prevent Dressbest from making you notifications which are mandatory under the provisions of relevant legislation applicable to Dressbest.

This User Agreement enters into force at the time of approval by electronic means.