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What makes DressBest Uniforms UNIQUE

In a world where you want your image to be unique and recognized, sustainable and in economic scales, we provide a holistic approach for creating and managing your uniform programs where-ever you operate in the world.

We put People at the center of everything we do!

We design garments that people actually love to wear, which are, yet, functional and durable.

Consequently, DressBest is able to take a highly specialized approach, one that focuses on the individualized needs and wants of each project.
Because we are truly an international company, we understand the need to address cultural and demograhic differences.
In an era of mass production and standardization, DressBest uniforms excels at recognizing and highlighting the differences which give a sense of place.

We are the Uniform Experts you are looking for!

Our Values

We create the best product in terms of functionality and durability. We do everything with passion and to exceed our clients expectations.


We are artistic souls. Creative in design, and creative in providing solutions.

Service & Solution Orientation

We believe in the sustainability of a uniform program, by constantly introducing new technologies for a seamless project management.

Being Affordable

We believe that a high-quality uniform with a good design can also be affordable. With our streamline design, production and supply processes, we can and do provide competitive prices for "a great uniform".


In a world where the fast fish eats the slow fish, agility is more critical than ever. With our integrated processes, strong supply chain and logistics network, we respond swiftly to your  emerging needs.


We value our people, our social community and our planet. We thrive by our ethics and principles.

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Our Milestones
Established in Istanbul

First contracts:

  • Four Seasons Istanbul
  • Habitat Conference 5000+ staff
  • Cyprus Airlines collaboration with Hussein Caglayan
MENA Office opening in Dubai.

First Preferred Vendor Agreement with Marriott International for MENA.

MENA Office opening in Dubai.

First Preferred Vendor Agreement with Marriott International for MENA.

Preferred Vendor Agreements

Fairmont, Raffles International Hotels

KSA Office opening in Jeddah

Accor Uniform Vendor Agreement.

KSA Office opening in Jeddah

Accor Uniform Vendor Agreement.

flydubai Contract

Radisson Hotels Vendor Agreement for Mena

Europe Office opening in Amsterdam.
Europe Office opening in Amsterdam.
First Location in Miami, USA
A Truly Global Business and Multicultural Organization
Providing local services
for your multi locations
Delivering to over
48 countries worldwide
Fast delivery around
the world
supply chain
Our goal is to exceed customer expectations while remaining environmentally and socially conscious !


Corporate Social Responsibility
DressBest Uniforms is a manufacturer and multi-site distributor whose principal activity is the design, manufacture and supply of corporate wear and its associated accessories for hospitality, aviation, healthcare, retail, financial, security services, and public sectors.
We care about the health, safety and welfare of our employees, suppliers, and visitors. DressBest manages all operations by strictly following the legislation and its CSR policy set on global standards  of ethics, health & safety, child labor, environment, sustainability, anti-bribery, corruption and data protection.
DressBest is certified for the ISO 9001 Quality Management, and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems alongside with the ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management System.
Our Board of Directors are committed to continuous improvement, innovation by implementing international standards in addition to developing a strong company culture on giving back to community.
Our Company CEO, Ms. Tulin Yazici, is an inspiration to all employees. She is internationally acclaimed for her activism in major social and economical causes. Over the years, her inherent approach has been voluntarily internalised by our colleagues at all levels to create "a culture of giving back to community".


Responsible sourcing is being aware of where your products and services are coming from and ensuring your business operations are not having a negative impact on people and the environment. This means ensuring you source your products and services ethically and sustainably throughout each tier of the supply chain.
DressBest joined the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) in 2017 as factory processing/manufacturer and continually monitors its supply chain through the Sedex database. Sedex is a membership organisation for business committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance in our manufacturing facilities and supply chain.
Our Team
At DressBest, we are proud of being founded by courageous women supporting diversity, and equality in our employment.
75% of our C-level Colleagues and 60% of our Directors are women.
We take pride for endorsing women in business.
Our Soma initiative, founded to empower the widows and wives of the Soma mining disaster of 2014 has been awarded in the UN in 2017. 

Founded by Women

Head of Design
Director of Growth